How to increase your child’s interest in a subject ?

Getting your kid to study is never an easy task. Most parents know the perils of this adventure. It gets tougher when your kid does not really like the subject at hand. But what can we do? We still have to make sure that our kid studies the subject and passes his/her exams with flying colours. No parent would want to see their child perform badly. At times we are thus forced to think out of the box, to conjure up some magic trick that would somehow increase the interest that our kids have in their subjects. Well, you don’t really need magic tricks. A few realistic strategies can help you cover a lot of ground here. With the exam season nearing, these strategies could come in really handy for you to get your kid better invested in learning. 

Nudge, don’t push

The trick is in nudging your kids towards loving the subject. There is no use of coercion. Coercing or forcing lessons upon your child would only increase the sense of dislike that he has towards the subject. Nudging them can be done in really subtle ways without kids themselves realising that they are being nudged.

How to increase your child’s interest in a subject ?

Rousing their curiosity – Q & A

The question and answer method is a useful approach to increase the interest level of kids in subjects that they are weak. Start out with questions about mundane things. If you are dealing with history then start off with some random question like, “do you know that 200 years ago probably no one in Singapore could speak English?” Build on that question. If your child gets curious then answer it for him and create room for another question. Making children curious rouses their interest in the subject. Surprise them with a chocolate every now and then when they give the right answers just to keep their learning spirits high. 

Top-down from the cool stuff

What if you want to teach some science to your kids? Let’s use something that would appear cool to them. For example, start a talk about aeroplanes. Then you can slowly move in and explain to them why all aeroplanes have the same shape. In this way, you would easily be able to explain a bit of science to your child without boring him. Starting from the cool stuff would ensure that they stay interested.

Using videos effectively

You might have already heard about the suggestion for educational videos. It is a good option to pursue. But here take care that you don’t bore your kids with videos that are too complex and technical. There is a lot of video graphics material available which not only educates but entertains and is capable of keeping your kids glued to the narrative. Pick out these documentaries and videos. 

Show them how it’s used

A bit of application can make even the most boring theory a bit interesting. Whatever your child is learning, however trivial a concept it might be, help him to relate it to the world around him. Help him find its relevance – where and how it is used and what are the benefits of it. When your kid is hating drafting formal letters as part of his syllabus, talk to him about its utility and how he would need to draft such letters for important matters of work or for availing certain services when he grows up.

PSLE Tuition Singapore

Making your kid like a subject is certainly a tough task. But once you start laying a foundation where he begins liking a subject then it becomes hard for him to unlike it. So as parents, let us try to nudge these little ones into falling in love with their subjects. 88tuition help to increase interest in their subjects and ace their PSLE Exams with their video based online PSLE tuition which includes primary tuition for various subjects such as PSLE math tuition, PSLE Science tuition and PSLE English tuition. It would surely make studying a lot easier and make our kids realize their fullest potential with the best Maths tuition Singapore, Science tuition Singapore and English tuition Singapore

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