Pros and Cons of homeschooling in Singapore

When it comes to homeschooling, many of them have varied opinions and thoughts to share. Well, homeschooling is slowly a developing one in the Indian education system, the same homeschooling has been made legal in most of the foreign countries and one such country is Singapore. Singapore has not only made homeschooling legal, but it has been very successful in terms of achieving compulsory education, where the students come out in bright colors. The country has been able to achieve this because of an excelling governing body known as the SEAB or Singapore Examination Assessment Board. They conduct national exams in Singapore and also provide assessment services. 

Homeschooling in Singapore
Homechooling in Singapore

When we talk about the pros and cons of homeschooling, though there could be many differing ideas on the same, we need to keep in mind the overall positive and negative attributes of homeschooling. A few of the pros of homeschooling in Singapore could be: 

i. Flexibility in the education modules or the curriculum 

ii. Each child can choose his or her own curriculum depending on their own strengths

iii. There are many possibilities that a child could learn faster that his or her peer students

iv. This solves the worry of a parent where they feel that a child’s needs are not being met in the school

v. Many parents are concerned about the safety of their children and this homeschooling option will definitely be a solution for their concern

vi. Bullying among children can be avoided in homeschooling as bullying will definitely disturb a child’s emotional stability

The following could be cons of homeschooling in Singapore:

i. A few parents might be overbearing or impatient when it comes to the child’s understanding or performance in the curriculum

ii. Finding time exclusively for the kids to expose them to various resources has been a challenge in the midst of working parents

iii. Not many of them would agree to the idea of homeschooling and it makes parents feel lost due to the discouragement of other parents or society as such

iv. Sometimes it might be a lag in the homeschooling and the assessments that are being conducted in a school as such

v. It becomes challenging when we had to maintain the bonding between kids who homeschool and others who are school goers

These days with advancements in technology and the availability of information to the parents is abundant and they are really sensible in choosing the best for their children. When parents opt for homeschooling, they really spend time in exposing their kids to resources naturally available around them like the parents and children who also homeschool, home built libraries and more importantly tuitions in Singapore have been reaching heights. 88tuition is one such online video based tuition platform in Singapore, where there are excellent tutors and wonderfully aligned study modules. Do have a look at their website if you are really wondering how homeschooling can be successfully implemented.

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